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     Mr. Parris

     Our Nevis Island expert


     Our newist guide, but she really knows the island already


     Growing up here i have a wide knowledge and experience of my island’s history. Being a certified St. Kitts historian I know that my island was the first European settlement in the Eastern Caribbean and became the mother colony of the west indies. I offer a wide variety of attraction and things to do while staying in St.kitts & Nevis. I am a very honest person, loyal to my visitors, my business and always giving the right directions and all relevant information pertained the knowledge and experience i have gain over years . In the field of hospitality i had the experience for sixteen (16 ) years at the St.kItts Marriott International hotel & Royal beach Casino as one of the management team in Safety & Security. Employed there i had providing great leadership to insured our customer feel welcome and appreciated and have a great experience. I want to provided you with great assurance of security , great hospitality service , always greeting you with a smile and offered the best customer service. My business Alvin & Taxi and Tour have learn how to anticipate what my guests need before being ask and always create that personal connection by making a brilliant stay here on my island for all my visitors, friends and families. I want to thank you for taking the opportunity for my choosing my island and my business as apart of your destination.

     ***** Saint Christopher and Nevis operating licence numnber 314301601

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